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Today is a great day to love Europe! Welcome to Rêveur Vienne, so cool to have you here. Let's pick some nice styles and show our passion for Europe together.
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Junger Mann mit rotem t-shirt mit je suis l'europe aufdruck vor der Berliner Kathedrale

Who we are?

Rêveur Vienne is a young fashion label from Vienna (Austria) for all the people out there, that share our enthusiasm for Europe and the European Union. We believe that the only future for our beautiful old continent, is a strong, united, modern and solidary Europe. We grew up as Europeans, speaking multiple languages, appreciating the value of intercultural exchange and valuing our freedom to move, live, love and work wherever we want in Europe. It is in times like these, where populists and demagogues poison our societies with their ill-minded reactionism, feed people all over Europe lies to make them better "controllable" and trick them to vote for their backward nationalist policies, that we need to stand up for the Europe we love and show our passion for a united Europe. With Rêveur Vienne, we wanted to combine this love for Europe with a modern sense of fashion in order to give all of you out there a chance to make your personal style and outfits a statement for a bright European future. So let's go out there and rep our European symbols and core values with pride.

About our products 

All our products are designed in Vienna (Austria).

The garments are manufactured ethically and responsibly in Bangladesh under the strict supervision of the Fair Wear Foundation. The Fair Wear Foundation is an independent, nonprofit organization committed to improving the working conditions in the textile industry by ensuring fair wages, regular working hours, a safe work environment and non-discrimination. We put a lot of thought into where to produce our garments but at the end of the day, we believe that supporting the establishment of a textile industry with fair standards in low-wage countries such as Bangladesh is not only important, but necessary to ultimately better the living conditions in these countries.

As to fabrics, we only use GOTS and OCS certified garments. All our T-Shirts are made of 100% organic cotton, while our Sweaters and Hoodies are made from 85% organic cotton and 15% recycled Polyester for a soft and cozy feel. 

Last but not least our products are printed, embroidered and flocked in Austria and Hungary.